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This 'Tenant Resources' section is intended to be one of the ways information is made available to residents of Coté Terrace and their families. It is recognized not all residents have access to the internet and this website so all information on these pages will have been made available to residents by;

  • postings on bulletin boards in the building and/or

  • notices left at resident's doors and/or

  • letters send to the resident or their designated family contact.

In some cases information included on these pages is public information that may not be posted or distributed in the building in any other manner.  For example, information regarding the town council's processes and procedures for dealing with COVID-19 that were published in the local newspaper and publicly distributed by other means may be included in these pages for resident reference but not on the bulletin board.  Similarly, information may still be available on these pages after it has been removed from the bulletin board.

While no confidential information is contained in the 'Tenant Resources' pages, some pages may be for residents information only.  A password provided to residents is required for those pages.

Stoney Creek  / Management

Resident Emergency Assistance

During Normal Business Hours:

Phone: 905-578-3833
Availability: 9:00am-4:30pm 
excluding holidays


Critical/Urgent Maintenance Contact: (fire/flood/no heat)

Outside Normal Business Hours

Phone: 905-578-3833 Press 5 for answering service

Availability: 4:30pm – 9:00am weekdays, weekends/statutory holidays

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