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Holcro Non Profit Housing Corporation Coté Terrace

The Board of Directors of Holcro Non-Profit Housing Corporation (Coté Terrace) are guided in all administrative and operational decisions by long standing Vision and Mission statements as well as our Values. 

Our Vision

All senior citizens in Halton Region will have access to affordable, good quality housing regardless of income.

Our Mission

Provide and maintain affordable not-for-profit apartment housing for Halton Region seniors in an atmosphere that is welcoming, safe, healthy, respectful and supportive.

Our Values

We believe that the following core values are a fundamental part of our service, must be part of all our interactions and must be a measure of all behavior within our organization, and our community at large:

Accountability / Dignity / Integrity / Leadership / Trust / Quality

AccountabilityContinually review and increase the efficiency of our organization through fiscal responsibility and prudence to balance the delivery of exceptional services.

Dignity:  Treat each other and every resident with dignity, be sensitive to everyone's needs and work with a sincere desire to meet the requirements of all.

IntegrityDemonstrate mutual respect, honesty, sincerity and embrace the diversity of our community in all aspects of our operations.

Leadership: Encourage individual and teamwork initiatives that exceed expectations in our culture, our actions and throughout our operations.

Trust: Continually work to build the trust between our residents, our management, and our administration to help ensure open lines of communications a positive environment for all.

Quality: Continually work to be recognized for the exceptional quality of the services we provide.

These guiding principles are the foundation for our work at Coté Terrace.

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Our building is a masonry structure with brick veneer. It is designed with 2 wings running from a central area housing the entrance foyer, community room, offices and postal services.

One wing is 3 residential floor levels tall and the other has four residential floors over the parking garage level.


Stoney Creek Community Homes

Stoney Creek Community Homes Inc. (SCCHI) manages the operations of Coté Terrace. As our property manager and administrator they are committed to assisting us to provide accessible and affordable housing for seniors that will contribute to building strong families and communities.

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