Our Service Delivery Model

There are 3 groups /agencies that each play a role in the independent living services delivered at Coté Terrace; those being the Board of Directors, Stoney Creek Community Homes, the management company retained to oversee day to day operations and the Region of Halton.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of Coté Terrace including but not limited to

  • ensuring it is operated in accordance with all applicable legislation governing not-for-profit housing,

  • establishing policies and procedures for the operation of the facility,

  • retaining a management company and overseeing the performance of that company in their service delivery and

  • ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Region of Halton’s housing program standards and requirements for their housing programs.

The Management Company retained to oversee the day to day operations of Coté Terrace is Stoney Creek Community Homes Inc. The management company is responsible for the operation of the facility including but not limited to

  • the on-going maintenance of the building and grounds,

  • the safety and security of the building and its residents,

  • accounting and book keeping services, and

  • supporting the Board of Directors in the execution of their duties.

In addition, the management company administers applications from potential ‘market rent’ tenants.

The Region of Halton through the Halton Access to Community Housing (HATCH) program administers the ‘geared to income’ supportive housing for seniors. Holcro Non-Profit Housing Corporation, the landlord has an agreement to provide units to the program, and Halton Region places eligible applicants from the HATCH wait list in the available units. The housing subsidy provided through the program is paid directly to the landlord. The tenant is responsible to pay the landlord the balance of the rent.

To learn more about HATCH visit the Region of Halton web site.

The mix of ‘market rent’ and ‘rent geared to income’ is approximately 50/50. Whether a resident is a geared to income or market rent tenant is considered confidential by management. Unless the tenant reveals the information to their neighbors, only the tenant and management know which group the tenant is in.

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