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Coté Terrace provides 80 affordable, independent living apartment units for seniors who are able to care for themselves and that do not require on site staff for assistance with their personal needs.

Rent Geared to Income (RGI)

  • 40 of the 80 units are rent geared to income (RGI) apartments. RGI means a portion of the tenants rent is subsidized through the Region of Halton. 

  • For those interested in assisted living at Coté Terrace, the Region of Halton contact information is included on the 'Contact Us' page on the menu line at the top.

Affordable Market Rent (AMR)​

  • The other 40 units are affordable market rent (AMR) apartments.

  • Market rent is simply the rent charged by a landlord for an apartment and is driven by 'supply and demand economics'; i.e. the higher the number of people looking for apartments and the lower the number of apartment available, the higher the rent is likely to be. 

  • In the context of community housing, 'affordable market rent' is set based the average market rate to rent similar market rent apartments in the area. 'Affordable' means the rent is at the lower end or below the average apartment market rent charged in the area.

  • The average market rents for an area are published yearly by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). CMHC numbers as well as those of other agencies are used to set market rent.

  • The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) sets the maximum allowable year to year rent increase for AMR tenants and it is typically around 1.5 to 2%.  ​​​

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Coté Terrace is an independent living facility for seniors but is designed to be accessible and to accommodate mobility aids such as walkers, wheelchairs and ‘scooters’. Entrance doors are equipped with accessibility pad release mechanisms.

All apartments are accessible for walkers and have some additional accessibility design features. Four (4) apartments are designed to be 'barrier free' for residents with greater needs.​​​

More information regarding accessibility features of the building and apartments is provided on other pages found on the dropdown menu under 'About'.

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Resident Parking

Resident parking is available on site for a separate monthly fee. Some parking spaces are sheltered under the building and some are open.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is available near the main entrance to the building and at the end of the building by the resident parking garage. 

Accessibility Parking

Accessibility parking spaces are available in both the resident parking and visitor parking areas.

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Utilities -water, waste water (sewage) and electricity, are included in the rent paid for the apartment.

Designed Oriental Lamps
TV Living Room

Communications & Entertainment Services

Services for cable television, telephone and internet are the responsibility of the resident.  The resident selects the service they would like, makes arrangements to have it installed and pays the monthly fees for it.

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