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Our Apartment Features

Coté Terrace has both one and two bedroom apartments. All apartment units are designed for ‘independent living’ and include a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and washroom - amenities typically found in similar residential apartment buildings.

An example one bedroom floor plan is illustrated to the right. Note, not all floor plans are provided; only a sampling to give prospective residents an idea of the general size and layout of the apartments.

Floor Plan 1.jpg
Floor Plan 2A.jpg

A typical two bedroom floor plan is illustrated to the left. Note, while floor plans of all two bedroom apartments have the same features all floor plans are not the same as the illustration.


Apartments are equipped with a 4 burner cooktop range, a refrigerator and cabinet storage space for dishes, small appliances as well as some canned or packaged food. Most have a double sink with under cabinet storage for cleaning products and similar goods.

The kitchen illustrated and pictured to the right is the smallest kitchen in a 1 bedroom apartment. The stove and refrigerator are next to each other with a pantry storage space across from them. Though small the kitchen meets the space needs for one person. 


In larger kitchens counter space will accommodate a toaster oven or microwave but those leaving a single family home may find the counter space limited. It is recommended consideration be given to the frequency of use and need for kitchen appliances, dishes and the amount of food being stored to maximize the space available.  For example, does it make sense to be storing a place setting for 8 when there is never more than 2 for dinner? Does it make sense to buy and store 2 family size boxes of cereal that will take 6 months or more to eat.  For residents coming from single family homes, down sizing is a struggle in the beginning.

The 'Floor Plans' of apartments will provide an idea of the design, layout and size of kitchens in different apartments.  Note not all designs and layouts are shown.

Kitchens in barrier free apartments are designed with base cabinets that allow for wheelchair access under the counter. The base cabinets also have electrical receptacles on the cabinet face for accessibility.

Kitchen 2.jpg
1bdrm kitchen.jpg


Most washrooms have a vanity sink, toilet and combination tub/shower. All are equipped with safety bar hand holds in the tub enclosure. All washrooms are accessible with a walker or similar small mobility device.


Apartments designed to be barrier free have washrooms that can accommodate wheelchair access to the vanity.  The washrooms also have roll-in showers that do not require the user to step up and over any type of ledge to enter. These washrooms do not have a bathtub.


Living Rooms

The living room areas vary in size with the overall size of the apartment and the number of bedrooms. Even smaller living rooms will comfortably seat 3 to 4 people with space for a television and an end table.  The style of the furniture and 'bulkiness' of its design plays a significant role in how much will comfortably fit in the room.

Floor Plan 2A.jpg


Apartments have small balconies suitable for seating and in some cases a small table.  The balcony provides the resident an opportunity to get some fresh air while still in the privacy of their apartment space. 

Front View (2).jpg

Entertainment / Technology Services

Cogeco and Bell services are available in the building for television, telephone and internet.

  • Residents are responsible for making arrangements to have the service connected and for payment of the monthly fees.

  • Satellite dishes and similar antenna devices are not permitted to be placed/mounted on the balcony or exterior of the building. 

Online Monitoring
TV Living Room
Desk Telephone
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