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Our Grounds Features

The grounds surrounding Coté Terrace with its mature trees and gardens brings a sense of tranquility the property.  Residents can enjoy the outdoors and fresh air in the gazebo and using sitting areas on the grounds.

The patio area outside the community room, pictured to the right, provides a tranquil meeting place for residents. For those enjoy grilled food, residents have a barbeque available on this patio.

20200803_151200 (2).jpg
Front View (2).jpg

For those who wish to watch the 'comings and goings' or who simply wish to enjoy the outdoors while waiting for their ride, there is a bench near the main entrance. Even when sitting by the entrance lane the trees, shrubbery and gardens creates a peaceful environment.

Even though Coté Terrace on the corner of Maple and Main is in a relatively busy area, the grounds plant life mutes the hubbub and creates a calming setting to call home.

Though Maple Avenue is close by, when you are secluded in the garden area you would not know.


Garden boxes are included on the grounds where residents who enjoy growing their own flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits may do so.

Sunflowers create a bright garden and a great snack in the fall.

Community Garden.jpg
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