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Building Common Elements

'Common elements' are areas and facilities provided for the benefit of and use by all residents. These common elements include a community room, the laundry room, a small library, Canada Post mail boxes and a parcel delivery box, comfortable lounge / seating areas and more. Additional information about these common areas is provided below.

Common elements also include the patios, gardens, seating areas and more on the exterior of the building.  Information about those areas is provided on the 'Our Grounds Features' page.


Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor levels. Each room is equipped with 2 commercial washers and 2 commercial dryers for resident use.

Laundry facilities are a ‘pay for use’ service. Residents purchase a card similar to credit or debit card that is used to activate the machines. Each time the card is used the fee is deducted from the funds available on the card.  When the funds are depleted the resident can add funds to the card at their discretion.


Lounge Visiting Areas

Common element lounge areas are provided on each floor level where residents can visit with each other or with family and friends.  The largest lounge area, pictured to the right, is adjacent to the main entrance lobby. Residents sit here to visit, wait for rides or visitors to arrive and to simply pass the time watching the 'comings and goings' and activity by the main entrance.

Smaller sitting areas like the one pictured to the left, are provided on each floor level where residents can enjoy each others company, read or look out over the grounds.


Community Room

The Community Room is a multi purpose room designed to accommodate larger groups for activities ranging from meetings to training &information sessions to social gatherings.

The Community Room is equipped with a servery/bar area that includes a refrigerator, residential range, dishwasher and kitchen style double sink, microwave, coffee machine and more.

The room has tables and chairs to provide ample space for dining, meetings, training or recreational programs or simply a place for residents to meet for a morning chat and a coffee.

Floor to ceiling windows provide a great deal of natural light and provide a great view of the patio, gardens and trees.


Resident Parking

There are 36 covered parking spaces under the building and 12 outside parking spaces available for residents. There are also 8 visitor parking spaces.

Residents who wish to use a parking space apply to management and parking is assigned on a ‘1st come 1st serve’ basis from the list.

Because many residents no longer drive, parking spaces are not included with the apartment rent. There is a separate rental fee for use of resident parking spaces.


Games Hobby Room

A games room with dart boards and tables for residents to enjoy games and/or hobbies is a common area feature.

Many residents enjoy assembling jig-saw puzzles as a relaxing hobby and to help keep busy with an activity that requires mental and visual acuity.  

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