Since COVID-19 arrived in Canada it has become very clear seniors and those with pre-existing conditions may be at greater risk than others.  It has also become clear that children and young adults may have COVID-19 and be asymptomatic - not have any symptoms of the disease. People that have COVID-19 and that are asymptomatic may infect anyone they come in contact with, especially in enclosed areas.

For the protection of all residents of Coté Terrace it is important you follow the public health guidelines.

  • Wear a mask when in the common areas of the building.

  • Stay at least 2m (6ft) from other people.

  • Wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer frequently and avoid touching your face with your hands.

For added protection it is recommended;

  • Visitors including family members in the building be very limited or better, be discouraged entirely.

    • Social contact is important but for everyone's safety try to meet outside and follow public health guidelines.​

  • No more than 2 people be on the elevator at one time unless they are all members of the same family,

  • No more than 2 people be in the laundry room at one time, and

  • Use your elbow to press elevator buttons and use your arm to push doors open to avoid hand contact.

Town of Halton Hills

On July 9, 2020, Town Council passed temporary By-Law No. 2020-0037requiring the wearing of a mask/face covering in enclosed public places during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective Thursday, July 16, 2020.


The municipality asks that all persons be kind to one another and assume a ‘benefit of the doubt’ mindset. It is to be assumed that persons not in compliance with the by-law fall into one/more of the stated exemptions. No member of the public shall challenge a person not in adherence to the mandatory mask/face covering by-law. Only those authorized to enforce the subject by-laws (police & by-law enforcement officers) have the authority to make enquiries of a person not wearing a mask.


The Town is committed to keeping residents and staff safe during COVID-19 and have made some changes to better protect our riders and drivers.

  • Face coverings or non-medical face masks are mandatory for all passengers when on transit.

  • Driver barriers and fare boxes are being installed on vehicles.

  • Vehicle seats have been sectioned off and passenger capacity has been reduced to ensure physical distancing.

  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting has been increased.

Clients calling to book rides will be asked a number of pre-screening questions related to COVID-19

Region of Halton

A Region-wide by-law was passed on July 15 by Halton Regional Council, effective July 22. By-law No. 47-20 is "a temporary by-law to require the wearing of non-medical masks/face coverings in enclosed public places in the Regional Municipality of Halton." For the official media release, frequently asked questions and additional information on the mandatory mask by-law, visit the Reopening Halton Region webpage.

Residents are reminded that the wearing of a mask or face covering is to be done alongside other public health protocols to ensure optimal effectiveness. This includes washing your hands frequently, practicing physical distancing where possible and staying home if ill.

How Ontario is Responding 2020 07 28

Ontario is working with its partners in the health care system implementing a robust plan to monitor for, detect and, if needed, isolate any cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus. The Ministry of Health is taking several steps to ensure the health and safety of Ontarians. This includes:

  • enacting a declaration of emergency to help stop the spread and keep people safe

  • monitoring hospitals for potential cases of the virus in individuals with travel history to areas under a travel health advisory for COVID-19

  • adding the 2019 novel coronavirus as a designated disease reportable under Ontario's public health legislation, enabling local public health units to quickly and effectively take all necessary measures to investigate, complete lab tests and do case and contact management to prevent and control further spread of the infection

  • ongoing planning with federal and provincial/territorial partners and readiness to coordinate with other provinces/territories

  • through the work of the Command Table, refining and finalizing plans for the implementation of enhanced measures to ensure the province continues to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any scenario, including:


Halton Health care provides the directions to the left for people wearing a mask.


  • you are required to wear a mask in indoor public areas and

  • if you do not use the mask properly it will not protect you or those around you.

Self-Assessment Screening

If you were to visit a health care facility; a doctor's office or hospital for example, it is likely you would be asked if you have any of the following symptoms and are they NEW and/or WORSENING?

• Fever

• New onset of cough

• Worsening chronic cough

• Shortness of breath

• Difficulty breathing

• Sore throat

• Difficulty swallowing

• Decrease of loss of sense of taste or smell

• Chills

• Headaches

• Unexplained fatigue/malaise/muscle aches (myalgias)

• Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain

• Pink eye (conjunctivitis)

• Runny nose or nasal congestion without other known cause

If you are 70 years of age or older, you may also be asked if you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

• Delirium

• Unexplained or increased number of falls

• Acute functional decline

• Worsening of chronic conditions

Having 1 or more of these symptoms does NOT mean you have COVID-19 but if the symptom persists it does mean you should consult with your family physician.  AND it does mean you should self-isolate, stay in your apartment and away from your neighbors until the symptoms disappear and/or it is determined why you have the symptom.