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Main Street Business Area

Like Main Street in many communities the original old Georgetown Main Street business area has changed and evolved with time and a changing population. Revitalization and change arguably has become the norm. Potentially the biggest Main Street revitalization project will be the former McGibbon Hotel site that, in time, may significantly change the face of Main Street.

While the primary business area along Main Street, intersecting streets - James, Wesleyan and Mill - are part of the business area and also home to many businesses.

In addition to the many business and professional services, Main Street is the host for many special events that include;

  • the annual Santa Clause parade,

  • the Farmers' Market,

  • Rockin' Rollin' Classic Car Show,

  • Holiday Magic (Christmas),

  • Culture Days and more.​

Car Show.png
Farmers' Market.png
Holiday Magic.png
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The business area features specialty food stores, coffee shops, eateries, banks, accounting firms, legal firms, convenience stores and numerous other business. The best source of current information is likely the downtown Georgetown BIA.  Their website has a wealth of information about businesses in the downtown area. Under their website headings;

you find information about businesses in that category. For example, under 'Food & Restaurants' you will find the name, address and basic information about  business were you could buy food to prepare yourself at home. You will also find the name, address and basic information about restaurants, coffee shops specialty stores were you can go for a coffee and treat, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner​. Many of these also offer 'food to go' so you may order your lunch or dinner and take it home to enjoy. - or have it delivered. 

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