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The Tenant Puzzles & Games pages are intended to be entertaining and be fun.
But equally important, puzzles and games help keep your brain active and working.
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While frequent forgetfulness or severe memory loss may be a sign of brain disease or injury, some forgetfulness is a normal part of aging. It may not be entirely preventable but there are things you can do to slow down the process. Much like the body, keeping the brain active is important at all stages of life.

Brain games and puzzles serve as mental exercise that reduces the risk of cognitive decline. Brain exercises provide a simple way to improve your memory and problem-solving skills.

There are a number of factors that make certain games ideal for older adults. Brain games are in plenty of different formats, from classic board games to word puzzles and even online video games that can provide opportunities for social interaction.

  • It’s important to find games that are challenging but not overly frustrating. Start slowly with some beginner puzzles and gradually progress to harder puzzles for more challenging problem-solving tasks.

  • Pick games that you enjoy and have fun playing. There are many types of brain games to choose from, so there is no reason to force yourself to do something you don't enjoy. At the same time, it is important to vary the types of brain training games you do. If you are looking for more social interaction, for instance, look for brain training games that you can play with others – either in person or online.

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