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Welcome to

Coté Terrace

Holcro Non-Profit Housing Corporation

Proudly Providing Affordable,

Independent Living Residences for Seniors

at Our Building Located at

171 Main Street, South

Halton Hills (Georgetown), Ontario

Coté Terrace provides 80 affordable, independent living apartment units for seniors who are able to care for themselves and that do not require on site staff for assistance with their daily routines or meals.

Designed as a home for independent seniors, our building includes design elements to accommodate seniors using mobility aids such as walkers, wheelchairs and ‘scooters’.

All apartment units are designed for ‘independent living’ and include amenities typically found in similar residential apartments.

There are 3 groups /agencies that each play a role in the independent living service delivery of Coté Terrace; those being the Board of Directors, the management company (Stoney Creek Community Homes) retained to oversee day to day operations and the Region of Halton.

While Father David Coté, name sake of the residence, and several members of the Catholic church were part of the driving force behind the creation of Coté Terrace, the corporation is not affiliated with any other organization and is operated as a standalone independent corporation governed by directors from all walks of life. Similarly, tenants reflect the diversity found in the community as a whole.  

For additional information about our services and service delivery look under the 'About' heading at the top of this page.

We hope you find the information on our website informative and interesting. We endeavor to be sure the information provided is accurate and correct.  Any errors or omissions that come to our attention will be corrected immediately.  Please direct any questions or comments you may have to us through our management company, Stoney Creek Community Homes Inc. Information for Stoney Creek Community Homes Inc. is provided on our 'Contact Us' page.

We Could Use Your Help!

We are looking for people that are interested in seniors housing to join our Board of Directors.  Please read the overview below and see the more detailed information in the Board of Directors drop-down page under the 'About' heading above.


Coté Terrace is owned by a corporation - Holcro Non-Profit Housing Corporation. Governance and operational direction of the corporation like many other corporation is provided by a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors are members of the community interested in the provision of affordable, independent living residences for seniors.  Board members operate Coté Terrace as though it was home to their parents and recognize that in time, it could be the type of home they need.

Board members provide their time, knowledge, and skills on a voluntary basis with no compensation. The background of Board members is very diverse and an effort is made when new Board members are selected to keep the Board as varied as possible in their background, life experience and skills.

If all Board members think alike, all but one of them is redundant. 

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